At YDE, we are passionate about our business and our talented group of Designers and we are always hungry to hear from fresh and emerging Designers who wish to be part of the YDE family. We would love to meet you in person but before we can do this we need to first learn more about you.

  • Scan through the general overview of our business model and our requirements for Designers who wish to apply for space within our stores (this is if you wish to supply clothing, accessories, bags, footwear or jewellery to YDE).
  • Read the overview below about our 'Rising Talent' initiative (this is only if you wish to supply a clothing label to YDE).
  • Read over the general questions (plus the handy tips), which we may ask you, should you be granted an interview.
  • Complete our application form here.


  • Any new ladies or men's clothing Designer wishing to join YDE would initially be allocated space within the Rising Talent area of our stores. Two Rising Talent Designers share a rail.
  • The Designer would not be charged a monthly display fee for their rail (our fully established Designers are charged a display fee) but would be charged a monthly commission percentage of their sales (including vat).
  • The number of units of merchandise that a Rising Talent Designer would need to display on their rail (half rail) would be ±90 units depending on the product mix you supply to YDE.
  • The Designer would not be required to provide signage for their rail, as all Rising Talent signage would be provided by YDE.
  • Should a Designer perform well over a period of time, YDE would advance the Designer onto standard full rails within the YDE stores. Full rails house ±180 units (depending on the product mix) and a display fee and commission % will be charged.


  • Your designer label and range of merchandise must be exclusive to YDE.
  • Upon acceptance into YDE, it is imperative that the designer has his / her label or brand name registered as a trademark immediately.
  • All clothing must be manufactured in South Africa. YDE does allow selected categories of clothing to be imported, but prior approval from YDE on these imports is required (i.e. denim, knitwear).Footwear, jewellery, bags and accessories may be imported.
  • All Designers' merchandise is supplied by the Designer to YDE on a consignment stock basis only and Designers are paid for their total sales excluding costs at the end of each trading calendar month.
  • Designers are responsible for the manufacturing of merchandise, distribution to stores and management of stock levels.
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