How does a young designer go about getting a rail at YDE?

Complete the application form along with certain other requirements which need to be fulfilled. Once a designer has been successful with an interview) and there is space available in YDE they will allocated specific stores to launch their label in.

What are the selection criteria?

Designers need to fit certain criteria before their merchandise would be considered to be sold through YDE stores. Criteria such as design (commercial viability), high quality, originality, strong business acumen, available finance and general background are all factors that would be considered.

Are there any fees?

YDE charges fully established designers a monthly commission and display fee. Rising Talent Designers are charged commission only. There are also other expenses relating to courier fees and computer fees.

What is the business model?

Designers set their own retail selling prices and merchandise is supplied to YDE by the designer on a consignment stock basis only. YDE does not purchase any merchandise from designers.

How often do the designers have to update their stock?

Designers need to monitor their stock on a daily basis. Some designers replenish their stock weekly or sometimes twice a week, depending on their sales.

How do the designer's ranges get promoted?

Facebook / YDE Newsletter / Mailer to Account Holders

The Interview Process

We have put together some general questions that we are likely to ask you during your interview, plus some handy tips to help you along.


Your Fabrics
We will ask you some general questions surrounding your fabric source, i.e. whether your fabric is imported or sourced locally.
Tip: Source your fabric suppliers before attending the interview and keep their details handy.

Your Finance
We need to feel comfortable that you have sufficient capital backing in order to purchase fabrics, pay suppliers and supply stock to YDE.
Tip: Have an adequate and reliable source of finance in place before attending the interview.

Your Label / Brand Name & Registration
We will ask you what you intend calling your range and the inspiration behind the name(s) that you have chosen. It is imperative that once you have decided on your label / brand name and YDE approves the label / brand name, that you register this name immediately.
Tip: Ensure that your range or label name is an excellent representation of your brand.

Your Pricing
Please give some thought as to the actual retail selling price of your merchandise, as we are likely to ask you about this during the interview.
Tip: Have your pricing handy and be prepared to validate this.

Your Sample Range
Remember that you will be presenting a range especially designed with YDE in mind.
We will ask you where the inspiration for your range came from and why you believe your range would be a success in YDE. We will also ask you to show us how you would co-ordinate your rail using the sample range which you have brought along to show us.
Tip: Bring in a range that you would place on your rail if you were a Designer in YDE. Please co-ordinate your merchandise as if you were putting your range onto your very own rail in our store and ensure that there is sufficient representation of tops, bottoms & dresses. NB! Don't bring any merchandise that you have supplied to any other retailer(s). We specifically want to see what your interpretation of the YDE customer is and what you think our customers are looking for.

Your Suppliers
Which retailers you currently supply and which label you supply to them. Any range that you would like to supply to YDE would need to be exclusive to YDE only.
Tip: Have this info handy and find out beforehand what your notice period is with your other suppliers.

Your Working Premises
We will ask you where your current work premises are or where you operate your business from.