If you haven't already joined us as a YDE account holder, what are you waiting for? A YDE account gives you instant access to a world of hot and trendy fashion and it's entirely up to you whether you make your purchases on the 6-or 12 month, interest-bearing plans.

What's more, applying for YDE credit online couldn't be simpler. As an account-holder, you'll enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Gift receipts - remember to ask for a gift receipt, this will allow that special someone to exchange the item without revealing its price.
  • Update details - Silence may be golden but if your personal details change you can simply visit to update.
  • There's a whole lot of fashion sharing going on thanks to our convenient additional cards - just pick whoever you wish to share your account with. Give us their ID number, initials and surname and apply for the card in-store with your ID or call 021 460 2500. Remember, you will remain responsible for the account.
  • Quick balance check - SMS your 14-digit account number to 31580 and you'll receive an SMS update of your balance, as well as available credit so can you shop until you drop.
  • Fashion Updates – you'll be kept up to date with our exciting sales and fashionable promotions. Our e-newsletter will ensure that the latest fashion trends are waiting in your inbox.

If you're ready to experience the fab world of YDE, please click here to apply online. For an entirely effortless experience, please remember to have your identity number, contact details and financial information handy. Please complete all of the mandatory fields marked with an (*).

Finally, please ensure that you read our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Granting of Credit before completing your application. If you have any queries regarding these Terms and Conditions, please email YDE or call our Customer Services Helpline on CT 021 460 2500.

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