Becoming a Designer

Rising Talent Initiative

The 'Rising Talent' Initiative is an integral part of YDE and our core philosophy: we identify, support and promote the future fashion clothing talent of South Africa, while providing the South African fashion industry with an exciting taste of what's to come

Emerging designers join YDE as 'Rising Talent' and progress to full YDE Designer status based on the performance of their products and design

Becoming a Designer

We are passionate about our business and our talented group of Designers at YDE and are always eager to hear from fresh and emerging Designers who wish to be part of the YDE family.

  • Your designer label and range of merchandise must be exclusive to YDE.
  • Upon acceptance into YDE, it is imperative that you, the Designer, have your label or brand name immediately registered as a trademark.
  • All clothing must be manufactured in South Africa. YDE does allow selected categories of clothing (i.e. denim, knitwear) to be imported, but prior approval from YDE on these imports is required. Footwear, jewellery, bags and accessories may be imported.
  • All Designers' merchandise is supplied by the Designer to YDE on a consignment stock basis only and Designers are paid for their total sales by YDE, excluding costs, at the end of each trading calendar month.
  • With a consignment model, the Designer is then responsible for the manufacturing of their range, the quality thereof, distribution to the YDE stores and management of stock levels in stores and sales.

Application Form

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Designer FAQs

Complete the application form along with certain other requirements which need to be fulfilled. Once a designer has been successful with an interview, and there is space available in the YDE stores, they will be allocated specific stores in which to launch their labels.

Designers need to meet certain criteria before their merchandise would be considered to be sold through YDE stores.

Criteria such as design (i.e. commercial viability), quality, originality, strong business acumen, available finance and general background are all factors that would be considered.

YDE charges our fully-established Designers a monthly commission and display fee.

Rising Talent Clothing Designers are charged a commission percentage only.

There are also other ad hoc expenses which are charged.

Designers set their own retail selling prices and merchandise is supplied to YDE by the Designer on a consignment stock basis only.

YDE does not purchase any merchandise from Designers.

Ranges are advertised across social media platforms.